I see a tree
It won’t leave my mind
What stories are hidden in its branches?
What seeds of creativity are waiting to fall
upon the world in a shower of imagination and playfulness?

If I open the door
will I descend into Alice’s world?
Will the white rabbit and mad hatter await me?
Arrows and names point in all directions
infinite possibility awaits the believer

The tree in inviting
its whimsical appearance
elicits smiles
sparks the mind to embark
on a journey of chance

There are no right or wrong ways
the path is not straight or narrow
Looking upon the tree
one’s eye is directed upward
Spirit soars
Engage in the enchantment

Reaching Out

How difficult it must be for you
Here I am
wallowing in my own self-pity
Poor me
Woe is me
What must it be like for you
How difficult is it to contain your anger
Or is it disappointment

Sad for the loss of a life
you hoped to have
Two parents who live together happily ever after
Perhaps you’ve been disappointed in who I am
Seeing me as I am
flaws out there for all to see
Not acceptable
Not the person you had in mind

Maybe you feel you had to make a choice
Not so
I’ve never been given a chance
to argue my case
Do I have a case
It wasn’t me asking you to make a choice

Whatever your reason
it doesn’t matter
I’m sad
I can’t deny that
I want you to know
no matter what
I love you
I want only the best for you
I wish you well
Perhaps one day
I will fit into your life, too


Human need to define
Create order
Make sense of things

An illusion

Labels can hurt
Pass judgement
Define incorrectly
Send one down a bumpy road
full of pot holes and booby traps
a road of confusion and missteps
a nasty detour
on the way to discovery of
personal identity

Names can point out
better left unseen
summon inner demons
roil insecurity

decide life
Or defy?

Label cannot be undone
once stated
but the world can be shown
own definition
of how it really fits


Skeletons jangle
dangle from a string
produce eerie music
wind chime of dead
relative stories
long gone
attempt to be heard

whispers of memories
shift bones
change beat
swing rhythm
recollection rises to surface
before recognition
slips away

elusive melody
an elegy
replaced by
quickened tumble of sound
lilting spill of noise
another story scrambling to be told
“don’t forget about me
I’m still here”

movement increases
bones compete to bring forth
their etude
music becomes cacophony!
indistinguishable chords
lyrical distortion
lost in the chaos!

skeletons untangle
slowly hang limp
a bump now and then
produces a click or a clack

hands are over ears

strange chorus deferred to another time
conductor must be found
for this otherworldly orchestra
to decipher


A gossamer thread floats lazily through the air
a breeze transports it
no particular destination in mind
As the silky strand drifts
it slowly rotates
spirals up and down
Sunlight glints and flickers on this unanchored spider’s weave
a twinkling filament
invisible made visible

What stories and knowledge
are woven into this strand?
How did it extricate itself from its web?
Has it been sent adrift meant to be found,
like a message in a bottle
waiting to reveal its secret?

Lion Puppet

My desk, like my life, is feeling a little cluttered. I’m working to change that. I want to slow things down. Enjoy, savor the moments. Recently I read,”There is sacred in what appears to be mundane.” I seek that sacredness! I am looking for the beauty and blessedness in the ordinary around me. Bursting daffodils with their delicate scalloped petals offer me their beauty. Tulip buds are taut and full; hints of colour foretelling what lies hidden inside. A couple more days of warm weather and the tulips will be revealed in all their glory.

I walk past a homeless man holding out his lion puppet. The encounter puts a smile on my face. He sits in his chosen spot. A piece of grey, uneven sidewalk under the overhang of a dollar store entrance. His blackened backpack is placed to his left and slightly behind him. The lion is on his left hand. This motley muppet could use a bath, as could its owner. The wheaten terrier golden wool issam-the-lion-puppet matted and looks like it has spent many days frolicking in a muddy field. But a grin splits its head as I walk by and its owner manipulates his character. “Smile at the pretty lady! It’s a beautiful day!” It’s hard not to smile back. The sight in front of me is impossible to ignore. The man himself has dirty blond hair. He has a happy voice and eyes that light up as he speaks. His own smile shows missing teeth and neglect but also the heart of a gentle soul. He asks for nothing. He doesn’t beg or have his hand out. He is just there with his puppet.

How does he spend his days? Where does he sleep at night? Is his head full of clutter and worry like mine? How does he view the world?

I see a fallen angel. Wounded wings ground a charming soul. At a glance he appears down and out but the charm that lives within still shines through. My gait feels a little lighter, my day a little sunnier. I have had a glimpse of the sacred in the mundane.

Limp Streamers

Cracker Jack crunch
Pop Rock fizz
Jelly Bean stick and chew

Waxy scent of blown out candles
wafts through the air
Remnants of chocolate cake with
bright pink and orange flowers lay
desecrated on its pedestal

Bits of paper speckle the floor
Confetti of the well wishers
With their silly hats and noisy horns

An orange splotch slowly grows on
white table cloth
Generated in a moment of hearty laughter
and rowdy toasting

Echoes of squeals of delight
linger in the room
Streamers droop
Balloons drift aimlessly
No one around to rub them vigorously in their hair
before trying to stick them on the wall

Tail is on the floor
three feet away from donkey
Any concern for impairment
gone with excitement of opening presents

Dishes and forks askew
chairs crookedly await
placement back in neat positions
under table

Party is over
Attendees sent home
fun and frivolity finished
for another year


We are in this together
You and I
Decision made long ago
To face life’s challenges as one

Little did we know
What we were signing up for

In a moment
Of bliss and happiness
We thought
We could conquer
The world

We believed
That no matter
What life threw our way
We could handle it

We have
Our share of trials
Test of the bond
Between us
At each other’s throat

Have to dig deep
To find
What brought us
In the first place

Life has been generous
We have
Of wonder and joy
Proud moments
Our own
Our family’s

We have learned
To cope
With anxious
And sad moments
Crazy left curves
Out of the blue
Least expected moments

Advice given
And taken

Our life isn’t perfect
But we have
More good days
Than bad
And you
Are the person
I want by my side
When those bad moments


Sadness, sorrow, melancholy, blue
underlying feeling of loss
on the outside
can’t see in

Been together a long time
part of me won’t belong
No blame
No fault
part of life
hurts just the same
impossible to ignore

Not sure where I belong
don’t quite fit in
“Blood is thicker than water”
Not true!
How can own flesh and blood
own DNA
push one aside?
How horrible

Don’t feel real

so much promise
so much disappointment

struggle to maintain balance

push hard, run far
momentary blank
hurt from exertion
instead of internal pain that rises

problem yours
not mine
Not so!
can’t pretend nothing is wrong

holds far reaching repercussions

drifting, senseless unease

Many wonderful opportunities
Daily gifts provoke gratitude

Deep sense of something missing
close to the edge
threatens to swallow me

A fine balance
take care not to misstep

Weave and dodge through daily routine
skill of one who seems to have it all
A smile here, nod there,
cluck of disapproval
hug for one in need

Others oblivious

slip in the abyss

Hide it well

Sadness permeates all I do
Take nothing for granted

Much to be grateful for
If only I knew
Where I belong