Treasure Keeper


A dragon emerges from
smoky grey and black
Ancient symbols
spin around his head.
Razor sharp, spiky teeth
and scaly back, glisten
like carefully crafted
obsidian spears.

The maiden is not afraid.
Her long hair is loosely
A single braid is pulled
to one side. Heavy silk
layers of soft mauve
seem to disappear and appear
again as smoke swirls about
the cavern.

Restlessly, the dragon
circles the space.
The maiden remains still.
She dreamt of this
majestic beast.
She saw his ferocious eyes
sensitive to the slightest
She saw his bravery
and his compassion.

When the dragon stops pacing
their eyes meet,
their hearts lock.
The maiden steps toward
the flaming roar,
her trust protecting her
from the raging fire.
As her small hand touches
the chest of the beast,
a single drop of blood
is drawn from her delicate
finger. With a swift turn
of his head the dragon
catches the drip on the tip
of his tongue.
Their fate is sealed.
Her treasure
will be forever protected.

Crescent Wrench Plumber

Cartoon characters
drawn in earth tone shades
come alive as I slowly
flip through the pages.

Smirking horsehead saw
with rusty nail legs
gives a toothy grin
as penguin faucets
wearing bright red high tops
run by.

A crow bar beagle
looks puzzled,
not sure what is going on
he walks away
following his enlarged
wooden handle nose.

A red rake
in businessman attire,
furrows his eyebrows
above a deep frown
as only one green leaf
is caught in his tines.

His neighbor,
wearing a dirt brown
suit of his own,
covers his face with a spigot
laughing in spite of himself.

A crescent wrench plumber
hands in pockets
of his bib overalls
he carries on
as if nothing unusual
is happening at all.

Rugby player nut cracker
dives to catch a ball
with a snap
of his claw-like hands;
wobbly Spanish
nut and bolt girl, in her
grey dress with white polka dots
balances precariously on
spiky white heels;
new age corkscrew guy
with black curly beard and
jutting forehead hair, tattoo
on his arm adding to his hip

Crescent wrench plumber
ignores them all,
nothing unusual
in his ordinary day.


Trees sway gracefully.
They nod and bend
up and down,
back and forth
to drumming thunder
across a dull sky.
Minuet dancers
bobbing socially
to each other.

Dark green pine
brown cone corsages
lean close
to perky willow
holding tender lush buds.

Wide skirts
of pale poplar branches
as they rise above
excited to reveal
fresh, new
burgeoning leaves.

Wind skips lightly,
hip hopping
amongst the shrubs
to join the fun.

Elegant Mother Earth
blesses the affair
with a sprinkle
of rain
encouraging her
guests to show off
their finery.

Snowy owl watches,
perched on a weatherworn
her feathers only slightly