Skeletons jangle
dangle from a string
produce eerie music
wind chime of dead
relative stories
long gone
attempt to be heard

whispers of memories
shift bones
change beat
swing rhythm
recollection rises to surface
before recognition
slips away

elusive melody
an elegy
replaced by
quickened tumble of sound
lilting spill of noise
another story scrambling to be told
“don’t forget about me
I’m still here”

movement increases
bones compete to bring forth
their etude
music becomes cacophony!
indistinguishable chords
lyrical distortion
lost in the chaos!

skeletons untangle
slowly hang limp
a bump now and then
produces a click or a clack

hands are over ears

strange chorus deferred to another time
conductor must be found
for this otherworldly orchestra
to decipher