We are in this together
You and I
Decision made long ago
To face life’s challenges as one

Little did we know
What we were signing up for

In a moment
Of bliss and happiness
We thought
We could conquer
The world

We believed
That no matter
What life threw our way
We could handle it

We have
Our share of trials
Test of the bond
Between us
At each other’s throat

Have to dig deep
To find
What brought us
In the first place

Life has been generous
We have
Of wonder and joy
Proud moments
Our own
Our family’s

We have learned
To cope
With anxious
And sad moments
Crazy left curves
Out of the blue
Least expected moments

Advice given
And taken

Our life isn’t perfect
But we have
More good days
Than bad
And you
Are the person
I want by my side
When those bad moments

4 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. Meghan says:

    A good poem with some excellent stanzas. Truth shines from “In a moment of bliss…conquer the world” and “Have to dig deep…first place.” I must admit, I was surprised by your choice of the final word, “strike”. It seems a contrary word in your final stanza; almost harsh yet that is not what you were intending, I think. Consider re-writing the final line, “When those bad moments strike”?? Forgive me if I am treading on your toes here!

    • mincs1 says:

      Thank you for your sincere response, Meghan. I will go over the poem and see what impression I wanted to leave for the reader. I do not feel my toes have been tread upon 🙂

  2. cherylfoston says:

    The impression I got from this poem is that you and this person or persons have a great bond and you feel as though you can conquer the world together through good and if bad times strike. I could be wrong, since I am not a poet. I thought it to be a lovely poem. it also had a little Bonnie and Clyde type venture without the death of course. 🙂

  3. mincs1 says:

    I love the idea of Bonnie and Clyde 🙂 Some days I feel like an outlaw and want to force my way!!

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