Limp Streamers

Cracker Jack crunch
Pop Rock fizz
Jelly Bean stick and chew

Waxy scent of blown out candles
wafts through the air
Remnants of chocolate cake with
bright pink and orange flowers lay
desecrated on its pedestal

Bits of paper speckle the floor
Confetti of the well wishers
With their silly hats and noisy horns

An orange splotch slowly grows on
white table cloth
Generated in a moment of hearty laughter
and rowdy toasting

Echoes of squeals of delight
linger in the room
Streamers droop
Balloons drift aimlessly
No one around to rub them vigorously in their hair
before trying to stick them on the wall

Tail is on the floor
three feet away from donkey
Any concern for impairment
gone with excitement of opening presents

Dishes and forks askew
chairs crookedly await
placement back in neat positions
under table

Party is over
Attendees sent home
fun and frivolity finished
for another year

One thought on “Limp Streamers

  1. Meghan says:

    Adorable images and so right for capturing a child’s birthday party!

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