flash, crash, wake-up Now!
huddle under covers with each strobe of room
power, anger, fear, Boom!
exalted energy bursts of awe
percussion clangs off skyscraper walls
and gives wings to emotions with each sound
overhead whomp, whomp, whomp steps heavy
metal chimes jangle
fast notes tinkle
wind and rain strike a rhythm
rumbles echo, bang, rattle, roll,
they swell, ebb, drift away

Wedding Feast Preparations

polish plate(internet photo)
Women gather in the kitchen
lots of chatter as they greet and hug.
Cousins giggle and dart underfoot
before they’re put in place with a firm tug.

Baba dusts off aprons, Aunty sharpens knives.
Mama orchestrates a sizzling bacon two-step, crisp and precise.
It’s like a kitchen polka where busy hands mince and chop,
links of kielbasa fall in unison, all the perfect size.

Pickled rich with dill and garlic
cellar jars of ogorki-kisome they bring;
use only those smaller than a finger
for a tiny, green appetizer zinger.

Sour cabbage mellows, rolls just right,
“pigs in a blanket” tradition wrapped up tight,
timed to explode flavour with the first bite.

Holubsti! Holubsti! children lick their lips,
women grease the pans. They sculpt savoury treats
to fill colourful plates for the feast.

Baba’s stories bake deep in the oven
Aunty prods, she pokes and tastes.
Mama’s laughter bubbles high,
she makes sure nothing goes to waste.

The table is set with fine china,
crystal rainbows arc cloth from a loom.
Steaming recipes from the old country
piggyback newlywed wishes into the room.

Mother’s Day Gratitude


(internet photo)

My heart swells with gratitude for:
French toast in the morning and burgers at night
sunshine on a golf course
long distance phone calls
text messages
blonde hair, blue eyes and a big smile
yellow orchids
cupcakes with sticky icing
Dutch accents
watching Game of Thrones
laughing about Game of Thrones
gently falling rain

Shifting Gears


(internet photo)

I spin down a pathway
pedals whirl to keep up
to spend time together
close the gap
that isolates our hearts

tires roll past multi-color expressions
laughter, chatter, music, silence
I dodge crashing apprehension
scrape muddled rumination
from the gear shift of our relationship

my knees bend
pump, push, genuflect
bow to the journey
the adventure
the unknown
bow to discovery
as I learn
what makes your gears turn smoothly
and what makes them grind

bow to anticipation
riding uncharted paths
where we create our own ruts
where blisters reveal our soft spots
where together we go the distance

fix each other’s flat tires
and deflated egos
quench each other’s thirst
push each other
back to the beginning
where the gap first cracked
and we couldn’t see
where the ride would lead us.