Majestic Mountains

Distant majestic mountains,
intimidating mass of rocks.
Go around or journey over?

A menacing challenge.
A delightful pleasure.

Colorful meadow flowers,
scent of pine,
crisp air, tease the senses.
Brilliant light dances
across water and snow.
A gift of remote peace and tranquility.

They stand
witnessing people who come and go
to their chipped but resolute rocky shoulders.

They stand
impassive to activity on their slopes,
people, smaller than ants, disappearing
in their crags and crevices.

They stand,
power contained deep within
may be
unleashed unexpectedly.

Beautiful sentinels
give glory with their presence.
Reminders that
just being
is enough.

Spread the Love Challenge

Dear Readers,
This is a departure from what I usually post.
I was tagged by Jessica Edouard,(thank-you!)
to write a post for the Spread The Love Challenge, which began Valentine’s Day.
The rules are thus: Write 10 four word sentences about love, share your favorite quote or poem filled with love, and then nominate 10 more bloggers to spread more love.
So here goes:

10 four word sentences about love:
(1) Love willingly accepts compromise.
(2) Sad souls love chocolate.
(3) Red hearts signal love.
(4) Beautiful sunsets seek love.
(5) Puppy-dog tails wag love.
(6) Welcoming smiles shine love.
(7) Love surrounds two together.
(8) Love bubbles with joy.
(9) Love’s gentle touch soothes.
(10) Love kisses skinned knees.

My current favorite love quote is:
“The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost.” – G.K. Chesterton

10 bloggers I nominate to Spread More Love:

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*6* Radiating Blossom
*7* Healing Pilgrim
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*10* Mishunderstood


The pulse of a building
illuminates an inky night sky.
Lightening fast flashes
burst bright across a starless backdrop.

An undecipherable Morse Code signal
beams up and down the height of a skyscraper.

Flashing, flashing, flashing

A cry for help?
Or a beautiful electric melody
strumming to the beat of the building’s core?

The energetic light display,
seemingly erratic pulsing,
takes on a pattern.
A distinctive style mesmerizes,
a pattern holds attention
anticipating what will happen next,
a pattern hypnotizes with it’s unusual splendor.

Surging electrical charges deemed dangerous
must be brought under control.
Pulsing lights defy static,
unblinking form of surrounding buildings.
The rampant, pulsing life
needs to be reigned in,
uniqueness sacrificed.