Antarctic Blue

blue shag

(internet photo)
Blue coaxes me to morning.
A midnight nudge to peacock blush.
Full moon grins with Antarctic brush.
Glacial silt blue,
sapphire blue,
blue topaz,
blue spiralling over aquamarine.
Blue striations on white tabular berg,
artesian blue;
blue eyed shag’s gaze
pierces my day.


Words have fled my lips,
like moulting feathers that litter the ground,
My heart is in my throat.
I see abundance.
Numerous seals and penguins dot the landscape
like so many pixels creating an image.
Great beauty rises from stark surroundings.
Thick glaciers melt into leaping waterfalls,
cascade to the sea.
Wash over red rust whaling station scars
that blister the horizon.
Macabre glory days over,
sea and salt air reclaim what once ignored her.
Beleaguered oil containers lean into the future
waiting for cargo that will no longer fill
their insatiable appetite.
Once we pillaged the sea,
now the earth.