I see a tree
It won’t leave my mind
What stories are hidden in its branches?
What seeds of creativity are waiting to fall
upon the world in a shower of imagination and playfulness?

If I open the door
will I descend into Alice’s world?
Will the white rabbit and mad hatter await me?
Arrows and names point in all directions
infinite possibility awaits the believer

The tree in inviting
its whimsical appearance
elicits smiles
sparks the mind to embark
on a journey of chance

There are no right or wrong ways
the path is not straight or narrow
Looking upon the tree
one’s eye is directed upward
Spirit soars
Engage in the enchantment

Spontaneous Aria

finca-draculas-beautiful-gardens-cerro-puntaThe photo is from the Beautiful Garden website. It is where I imagine the birdsong I heard would originate 🙂

(This post is dedicated to my dear friend Betty)

Today when I was out for a run
I wished you were there
to inform and enlighten me
as to which of our feathered friends originated
the alluring melody I heard

I thought you would know it in an instant!
My knowledge of birds is so limited
I can recognize the haunting call of a loon
at dusk or dawn
I know the repetitive chick-a-dee-dee-dee

This afternoon I was an uninvited witness
to a bewitching love warble
no bird was seen
not even the fleetest glimpse of plumage

When the achingly enthralling song began
city din was drowned out
no strolling pedestrian chatter
no traffic hum or passing train roar

The musical tenor was so pure
I was transported through time
to an era of innocence, enveloped by love

My breath caught
my heart was pierced by the sheer elegance of the cadence
I strained to hear more
but was left disappointed

I would have to settle for the brief solo performance
No encore was forthcoming


(the photo is stock footage from the internet)

I have a blended family
we live in a blended world
all part of the same fabric
same cloth of life

any barriers or walls
denied access

are artificial

truth bleeds through division
seeps into awareness
permeates everything
if eyes are open to perceive

We are One
a colorful tapestry
a world of ideas, knowledge, talent