Falling Tears

Tears are falling all around me,
diamond sorrow beads
silently spilling over flushed red cheeks.

A room full of emotion
becomes a sauna as numb people gather.
Perspiration dots foreheads,
dark circles stain arm pits.

Words of comfort are spoken
while words of sorrow are swallowed
along with stagnant, suffocating air.

A youth walking
in the shadow of addiction
stepped across onto the wrong side
of the line.
In an instant his soul sped away.
Life evaporated.

Anger rises above grief.
Anger at the monster
that has come into our homes.
Anger at the beast
that has enslaved our loved ones.
Anger at the powerlessness
we have in the face of this horror.

Hot tears stream.
Heaving tears overflow.
Shocked tears splatter.

Tears are falling all around me
diamond sorrow beads
silently spilling over flushed red cheeks.


A disease of vampire’s
has struck the nation
skulking shadows of the night
lurking, waiting to pounce on our children
our loved ones, our family
a delectable first bite

It messes with our minds

Death comes slowly
a rot of the heart
drip by drip
blood red
oozing demise
It can’t get enough
turn our backs
it is there again

Sorrow and loss
annihilation without dying
grieving a body without a soul
Past mistakes loom large
not wanting to miss out
awaiting an opportunity to join
the zombie fest


Waning Gibbous


(image credit: http://www.greenprophet.com)

Moon rises over city
a glowing lantern
silent symbol of graceful timelessness

She has not forgotten
her busy children

Quietly following an ancient path
she winks and shines
sees sorrow and joy
trials and tribulations
life passing through ups and downs

She offers a gentle reminder
even dark night
has its time
for glorious light



(image credit: Jim Harris)

Darkness Light
Black White
Battle rages on
Fumble through day to day
Feeling like fate’s pawn

In Out
Quiet Shout
World out of control
Little white pill Glass of wine
Losing a piece of one’s soul

Today Tomorrow
Happiness Sorrow
Path fades away
Foliage dense Trees close in
Slip further from light of day

Authentic Act
Fiction Fact
Thoughts swirl through head
A text A Call A message sent
What is being said; What is being said…


Sadness, sorrow, melancholy, blue
underlying feeling of loss
on the outside
can’t see in

Been together a long time
part of me won’t belong
No blame
No fault
part of life
hurts just the same
impossible to ignore

Not sure where I belong
don’t quite fit in
“Blood is thicker than water”
Not true!
How can own flesh and blood
own DNA
push one aside?
How horrible

Don’t feel real

so much promise
so much disappointment

struggle to maintain balance

push hard, run far
momentary blank
hurt from exertion
instead of internal pain that rises

problem yours
not mine
Not so!
can’t pretend nothing is wrong

holds far reaching repercussions

drifting, senseless unease

Many wonderful opportunities
Daily gifts provoke gratitude

Deep sense of something missing
close to the edge
threatens to swallow me

A fine balance
take care not to misstep

Weave and dodge through daily routine
skill of one who seems to have it all
A smile here, nod there,
cluck of disapproval
hug for one in need

Others oblivious

slip in the abyss

Hide it well

Sadness permeates all I do
Take nothing for granted

Much to be grateful for
If only I knew
Where I belong