Perfect Moment



I am waiting for the perfect moment
to make my move and call.
I am waiting for my calendar to clear
to be able to sit for awhile.

I am waiting until I know
that we won’t be interrupted,
I don’t want my message to be
misinterpreted or corrupted.

As I wait for the perfect moment
I know the years are passing
but my courage is also growing,
expanding and amassing.

And now here I lie
on my deathbed ready to expire…
I never found the perfect moment
to which I had aspired.



A restless energy
prowls through my being

pacing, nudging
looking for answers.

Old behaviours
that pacified unease before

now only add
to restlessness.

Winds of change
disturb pond

the surface ripples
and distorts reflection.

Light is absorbed
not reflected.

Under the rippling surface
energy gathers

twin to restless energy
pacing on shore.

Static air has hairs on end
in this tense, waiting energy.

My Secret Weapon

(image credit: Njuguna)

The world is my oyster
pacing in nervous anticipation

All is ready
to burst in glorious colors
raucous symphony

Seams are taut
stretching in excitement
doors bulging with opportunity
Creativity has arrived

Smile is broad
grin is captivating
twinkle in eye
cannot be denied

This is my reality
my excitement
my joyful ammunition


“You make a life out of what you have, not what you’re missing.” – Kate Morton



lump in throat
waiting for a call that doesn’t come

mind racing
to account for reason why
thoughts toss and tumble
adrift on rough waters
of stormy emotions

tears surface but do not fall
a blind barrier
camouflaged by past hunts
to make sense of behaviour
has arisen

suffuse the room
blocking sunlight
covering all with a blanket of grey melancholy

although much has changed
much remains the same


Restless spirit

a feisty colt corralled
longing to leap the fence
gallop freely among swaying grass and meadow flowers

turbulent energy spilling into a reservoir too small
to contain mounting power
a storm brewing
lightening about to strike when least expected

vitality swelling
looking for meaning not mere existence
exuding spunk and sparkle
a glowing ember about to burst into flame
consuming all with its brilliant radiance

Restless spirit


biding time

eruption of Vesuvius proportions

no planning
no warning

no apology