A restless energy
prowls through my being

pacing, nudging
looking for answers.

Old behaviours
that pacified unease before

now only add
to restlessness.

Winds of change
disturb pond

the surface ripples
and distorts reflection.

Light is absorbed
not reflected.

Under the rippling surface
energy gathers

twin to restless energy
pacing on shore.

Static air has hairs on end
in this tense, waiting energy.


Restless feeling
aims at my mind
demanding attention
for negligence
and lack of care

Indistinct emotions
buzz and crackle
like static on a two way radio
Message lost
in a reverberation of charged particles
scattering in all directions

A fuzzy, vague disquiet
disturbs the peace
a robber stealing
ability to placate a
stealthy infiltrator

This meddler must be
before more damage
can be done

Regain Balance
Restore Equilibrium