My Secret Weapon

(image credit: Njuguna)

The world is my oyster
pacing in nervous anticipation

All is ready
to burst in glorious colors
raucous symphony

Seams are taut
stretching in excitement
doors bulging with opportunity
Creativity has arrived

Smile is broad
grin is captivating
twinkle in eye
cannot be denied

This is my reality
my excitement
my joyful ammunition

Canada Day Finale


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promise of firework celebration
draws crowd hours in advance
like iron shavings to a magnet
seduction of even most staunch
early bedtime proponent

champagne cork “pop” and glint of color
turn all eyes to east
an organism unified by quest for entertainment

Snap Flash
Bang Fizzle

myriad colors light the sky
Bursts of Sparkle cascade outward
from cores of intensely concentrated energy
Rainbow sparks spray upward
gushing geysers
arcing ever higher
still glass skyscrapers
offer moments of gauzy reflection
Kaleidoscope colors
weave and wend across the night sky
starry paint by number
to satiate throng’s appetite
for glowing color spectacle

Applause, cheers echo
along hillside, rooftops, riverbanks
broad smiles of delight
fading into the night
like spent explosives

A Glance


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I see him
a glance
racing heart, sweaty palms
Do you think he feels the same?

Rapid pulse,
garbled words, come on tongue speak!
Timid smile
blue eyes twinkle
my knees go weak

Kind, gentle
thoughtful, intelligent
Fluttering heart, the spark of desire
Do you think he feels the same?

Soft, warm
tender touch
melting will, ache to be one
dream to be friends forever
Do you think he feels the same?