Restless spirit

a feisty colt corralled
longing to leap the fence
gallop freely among swaying grass and meadow flowers

turbulent energy spilling into a reservoir too small
to contain mounting power
a storm brewing
lightening about to strike when least expected

vitality swelling
looking for meaning not mere existence
exuding spunk and sparkle
a glowing ember about to burst into flame
consuming all with its brilliant radiance

Restless spirit


biding time

eruption of Vesuvius proportions

no planning
no warning

no apology

One thought on “Restless

  1. Meghan says:

    I picture a race horse colt with its feisty fire, “exuding spunk and sparkle”! I can see in my mind’s eye a colt of lovely proportions with her energy a dazzling thing to behold! And your energy, Mary…your radiance is already shining brightly and bound to grow!

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