A Gala Event

Carefully selected gown
tidy package
neatly pressed
worries of the week wrapped
in bright red bow of excitement
red lips
sticking to the agenda
smile for the camera
words pressed neatly, just so

Elegant strong silk
strides confidently
a sleek silhouette moving with purpose
purposeful step into the spotlight
indifferent to toes stepped on
as purpose is sought

Plain nubby shantung
transformed to artsy
with cloche hat nipped and tucked
in all the right places
dramatic haircut stands out,
stands to the side
watching events unfold

Delicate fine lace
compliments cool porcelain skin
petite nymph
glides through crowd untouched
touching no one
faint icy mist
in her wake

Gracefully draped charmeuse
enchantress holds court over rapt audience
soft, glowing lustre
belies cougar instinct
watching carefully
selecting her prey with great precision

Heavy rich brocade
exemplifies exquisite carriage
lines of experience and wisdom
bring subtle turn of heads

Stiff watermark moire
unwilling to budge
crushed velvet right at home
glimmering in the crowd
adding texture to the scene


(internet photo)

Embrace the moment
capture the spirit
a feeling rare to behold

When ardor dims
wrinkles set in
where will we be

A friendship
warm and kind
togetherness still desired
sharing thoughts and hopes
goals achieved together

I want a ready smile
a hug
a companion
I want someone comfortable to be near
someone who can abdicate power
or dictate when necessary

I want someone who enjoys nature
appreciates beauty
who is confident
able to share without unrealistic demands

I want someone who lifts my spirits
whose spirits are buoyed by my presence
I want someone who can help me
turn my dreams into reality

I want you