In Other Words, Elf…

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I’ve never thought much about being an elf.
Mischievous, clever, mysterious creatures.
Then I slept beneath a giant oak tree
and stories of the past came flooding back to me.
Answers to questions I’ve always had about myself.

Spread the Love Challenge

Dear Readers,
This is a departure from what I usually post.
I was tagged by Jessica Edouard,(thank-you!)
to write a post for the Spread The Love Challenge, which began Valentine’s Day.
The rules are thus: Write 10 four word sentences about love, share your favorite quote or poem filled with love, and then nominate 10 more bloggers to spread more love.
So here goes:

10 four word sentences about love:
(1) Love willingly accepts compromise.
(2) Sad souls love chocolate.
(3) Red hearts signal love.
(4) Beautiful sunsets seek love.
(5) Puppy-dog tails wag love.
(6) Welcoming smiles shine love.
(7) Love surrounds two together.
(8) Love bubbles with joy.
(9) Love’s gentle touch soothes.
(10) Love kisses skinned knees.

My current favorite love quote is:
“The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost.” – G.K. Chesterton

10 bloggers I nominate to Spread More Love:

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*4* Tea and Paper
*5* Rareity
*6* Radiating Blossom
*7* Healing Pilgrim
*8* Shawn L. Bird
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*10* Mishunderstood


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Embrace the moment
capture the spirit
a feeling rare to behold

When ardor dims
wrinkles set in
where will we be

A friendship
warm and kind
togetherness still desired
sharing thoughts and hopes
goals achieved together

I want a ready smile
a hug
a companion
I want someone comfortable to be near
someone who can abdicate power
or dictate when necessary

I want someone who enjoys nature
appreciates beauty
who is confident
able to share without unrealistic demands

I want someone who lifts my spirits
whose spirits are buoyed by my presence
I want someone who can help me
turn my dreams into reality

I want you

Access Denied

locked door

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The door is locked
and you won’t share the key

Sometimes I catch you in there
when you think I won’t notice

like the Garden of Eden
fruit of all trees can be eaten
except one

I have access to all rooms
except one

I don’t desire knowledge
for I know what’s in there

Neatly packaged bundles of memory
wrapped with the bonds of time

some bursting their ties
swollen with retelling

others tattered around the edges
faded and worn

I want to throw the door open
dust away cobwebs

let in the light of day
cut the bonds of these tightly held packages
loose the memories

like a boat being untied from its mooring
ready to accept a new adventure

but the door remains locked
and you won’t share the key