The pulse of a building
illuminates an inky night sky.
Lightening fast flashes
burst bright across a starless backdrop.

An undecipherable Morse Code signal
beams up and down the height of a skyscraper.

Flashing, flashing, flashing

A cry for help?
Or a beautiful electric melody
strumming to the beat of the building’s core?

The energetic light display,
seemingly erratic pulsing,
takes on a pattern.
A distinctive style mesmerizes,
a pattern holds attention
anticipating what will happen next,
a pattern hypnotizes with it’s unusual splendor.

Surging electrical charges deemed dangerous
must be brought under control.
Pulsing lights defy static,
unblinking form of surrounding buildings.
The rampant, pulsing life
needs to be reigned in,
uniqueness sacrificed.


An ornate time piece on a wrist
shiny, elegant chrome chronograph
or matte finish
practical, purposeful chronometer

A puppeteer’s handcuff
controlling movement subtly
directing thoughts subliminally
a marionette to be pushed, pulled, directed

Steady tick, tick, tick
activity done mindlessly
going through motions without attention
glazed eyes
striving to make it from one
paycheque to the next
without breaking the strings of the masterminder
oblivious to the pull
of the masterminder

Second hand sweeps
behind the minute
behind the hour
striving to move ahead
but wired into place
hour leads
minute follows
second lapses
wired into place
pulled along by the others
gears and cogs manipulating movement
invisible strings manipulating movement
time manipulating movement

World focused on clocks and calendars
great energy expended keeping up to the time keepers

Obsession with timepieces
and calendars is restricting
what is this competition that has been thrust upon wrists,
on walls, on clock towers in time squares
town squares

Shirk wrist pieces, cell phones
anything that strives to own your being
Pay no attention to these measurements
these pushes and pulls
prods to direct you

Allow no thoughts of time to settle upon you
consume you
control you
and watch your mind settle
and give birth to new ideas



(image credit: Jim Harris)

Darkness Light
Black White
Battle rages on
Fumble through day to day
Feeling like fate’s pawn

In Out
Quiet Shout
World out of control
Little white pill Glass of wine
Losing a piece of one’s soul

Today Tomorrow
Happiness Sorrow
Path fades away
Foliage dense Trees close in
Slip further from light of day

Authentic Act
Fiction Fact
Thoughts swirl through head
A text A Call A message sent
What is being said; What is being said…