White Flag


This behaviour must stop
who is punishing who
Am I being punished by your silence
Or are you being punished by my acquiescence

The role of martyr is easy to fall into
the lure of acceptance -poor me-
showing the world how patient how sacrificing we can be

How did it come to this
to such an impasse
a test of wills
who can hold out the longest

I want to see you
I want to have you back in my life
I want to be able to call you up
and have a conversation

Let’s put this behind us
take the leap of faith
find each other again
there can be connection
it was never completely severed
despite what we both thought

Let’s find a way

I’m sorry for my role in this
for not trying harder
reaching out sooner
for suffering the silence

Let’s find a way
No questions asked


The joy of meeting
after an extended time apart
quickly turned to discomfort
as words pierced the air between them
landing precisely between insecurity and self doubt.
Comments made casually,
“by the way…but he really didn’t mean it”
were released with the skill
of a camouflaged sniper
patiently waiting to strike his mark.
An awkward pause ensued
before the two went their separate ways.
The sniper content that all was as it should be,
the receiver struck with recriminating thoughts.