The pulse of a building
illuminates an inky night sky.
Lightening fast flashes
burst bright across a starless backdrop.

An undecipherable Morse Code signal
beams up and down the height of a skyscraper.

Flashing, flashing, flashing

A cry for help?
Or a beautiful electric melody
strumming to the beat of the building’s core?

The energetic light display,
seemingly erratic pulsing,
takes on a pattern.
A distinctive style mesmerizes,
a pattern holds attention
anticipating what will happen next,
a pattern hypnotizes with it’s unusual splendor.

Surging electrical charges deemed dangerous
must be brought under control.
Pulsing lights defy static,
unblinking form of surrounding buildings.
The rampant, pulsing life
needs to be reigned in,
uniqueness sacrificed.

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