I Got the Blues

Today I decided to write a blues “song” (poem). I am not a song writer or a singer but this is something I have wanted to try for some time now.
You have to imagine the words with Da – da – da – DAH type of rhythm and a harmonica.
Despite this being a blues piece I hope you have as much fun with it as I did! 🙂

I got the blues
down in the dumps
melancholy blues
missing you
and don’t know what to do
I got the blues

Ever since
you closed the door
and decided to talk
to me no more
I’ve had to find
another way
to make it through
my lonely days

I got the blues
down in the dumps
melancholy blues
waiting for
a call from you
I got the blues

When you chose
to walk away
the sun did hide
and skies went grey
I looked high
and I looked low
to find out where
you did go

I feel so lonely – baby
I feel so lonely
I feel so lonely – baby
I could cry

This empty bed
with cold, cold sheets
reminds me of
where we did meet
bodies tangled
heated breath
but nothing now
since you have left

I got the blues
down in the dumps
melancholy blues
will I ever
get over you
I got the blues

My Reality

As I release my disillusionment
Morgan raises her sleepy head
and sits up on the warm, moss covered rock
where she lay
She cocks her head
and looks quizzically in my direction

My hands are raised in supplication
tears fall silently down my cheeks
I am abandoning what I thought was
and I am facing what is
It hurts

Morgan says nothing
watching in silence

My heart is breaking
as I release my idea of what a family should be
media driven ideas of mother, father, children and a dog
social ideas of a nuclear nest that is warm, nurturing
a source of comfort

My reality is a reality of divorce
not amicable
custody battles
fighting for my children
fighting for my sanity

I look at Morgan
she remains silent
but I see compassion in her eyes

The emptying of my hurt continues

My reality is a reality of new beginnings
re marriage
step parenting
Welcoming more children into my life
I cry as I am accepted by these young people
but continue to face rejection by my own

My reality is a reality of joy but also disappointment
it is with the disappointment
where disillusionment lies
hopes and dreams dashed

Reality is hard to face
I want to hang on to what I want to believe
not the reality that is in my face

To have a child facing jail time is a harsh reality
what happened? where did we go wrong?
the blame game explodes to the surface
and is difficult to quell

To have a child feeling so distressed
they try to take their own life –
that is a much harsher reality

Morgan gasps and comes to my side
her silence continues
but her presence is comforting

The desire to help, take away the pain
make it better for my child
is consuming
but ineffective
I am rebuffed, accepted, rebuffed again
I can no longer hold any illusion of my world
Reality is before me and cannot be ignored

Morgan embraces me and holds tight
I feel safe, secure, protected
and wish I could do the same
for my family

As I embrace Morgan
I embrace hope
hope for healing of tormented minds
and restoration of severed relationships
I hope for loving kindness to prevail
for peace and well being for myself and my children

I hope for a new reality