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Family and friends encircle
bestow comfort, warmth
add protective layer of strength

My heart swells with gratitude
reservoir filling
to nourish and quench in times of need
times when heartache withers
times of miscommunication or drought of silence

Yesterday’s troubles remain
not willing to leave without a fight
but they cower
in the presence of hope

I Got the Blues

Today I decided to write a blues “song” (poem). I am not a song writer or a singer but this is something I have wanted to try for some time now.
You have to imagine the words with Da – da – da – DAH type of rhythm and a harmonica.
Despite this being a blues piece I hope you have as much fun with it as I did! 🙂

I got the blues
down in the dumps
melancholy blues
missing you
and don’t know what to do
I got the blues

Ever since
you closed the door
and decided to talk
to me no more
I’ve had to find
another way
to make it through
my lonely days

I got the blues
down in the dumps
melancholy blues
waiting for
a call from you
I got the blues

When you chose
to walk away
the sun did hide
and skies went grey
I looked high
and I looked low
to find out where
you did go

I feel so lonely – baby
I feel so lonely
I feel so lonely – baby
I could cry

This empty bed
with cold, cold sheets
reminds me of
where we did meet
bodies tangled
heated breath
but nothing now
since you have left

I got the blues
down in the dumps
melancholy blues
will I ever
get over you
I got the blues


Sometimes I just have to cry
the emotion sneaks up on me when I
am least expecting it

A happy day
sun shining
so why do I feel so blue?

Somewhere there is a wounded
little girl
not knowing where to turn

I can see her
I can feel her
but I can’t quite reach her

Each time I get close
and open my arms to embrace her
she scurries away
anxious about getting too close

I recognize the look of trepidation
in her large blue eyes
Her mistrust runs deep

With her dishevelled hair
unkempt clothes
her neglect is apparent
My heart aches for her

I want her to know
that people do care
she is not alone
The world can be a beautiful place

I want to keep her warm
her tummy full
her mind challenged

I want to find her
and let her live…

Tonight is going to be
a two bottle night