Frayed Edges


Glossy waxed floors
smooth as clean shaved skin
reflect everyday busyness.
A white stove and fridge stand stark
like your absence during the week.
The wooden table pushed in a corner
harbours nicks and scrapes
where noisy kids scramble in and out
with mouths still chewing as they leave.

Slippery floors mimic
sticky fingerprints on walls.
A shaving strop hangs by the phone
frayed from angry outbursts
that hone in on pink butts
sharpening fear and resentment
instead of blades.



flash, crash, wake-up Now!
huddle under covers with each strobe of room
power, anger, fear, Boom!
exalted energy bursts of awe
percussion clangs off skyscraper walls
and gives wings to emotions with each sound
overhead whomp, whomp, whomp steps heavy
metal chimes jangle
fast notes tinkle
wind and rain strike a rhythm
rumbles echo, bang, rattle, roll,
they swell, ebb, drift away


fat full bodies
centered and still

Large weaver climbs rapidly
on single strand

vertical diagonal horizontal
alive with silent movement
eyes dimly aware
spider sense tingling
heightened threat
vibration of pedestrian beneath

Joint legged invertebrate
moving fast
moving slow

Creatures hidden in daylight
come to life at night

Covered walkway
a horrifyingly beautiful sight
protecting eggs

Walk beneath
these nocturnal arthropods
racing heart demanding
no lingering
trust they will not descend

Follow the path
walk beneath fear
let go of fear
accept fear

Or deviate
walk without protection!

No matter the choice
can no longer pass unaware