flash, crash, wake-up Now!
huddle under covers with each strobe of room
power, anger, fear, Boom!
exalted energy bursts of awe
percussion clangs off skyscraper walls
and gives wings to emotions with each sound
overhead whomp, whomp, whomp steps heavy
metal chimes jangle
fast notes tinkle
wind and rain strike a rhythm
rumbles echo, bang, rattle, roll,
they swell, ebb, drift away

A New Day Dawning

Sky slowly changing
ink black to indigo blue
pink blush glow behind skyscraper silhouette
warm breath ache for change

Red light blinks
blink blinks
a beacon guide

Here here

Hear the rumble
metallic hum builds to a CRESCENDO
metal rolling over metal
c-train slides by
dull tuning fork ring left in its wake

Steel grey sky
consort for steely resolve

Be Fierce!

Remain steadfast on path of change

c-train thunders its approval
red light blinks yes
yes yes
you can!

A new day begins