Heartshaped Tears

Each day as the numbers rise, the lump in my throat grows larger as I am reminded that they are more than just numbers. Someone is losing a loved one. Someone is worried they will lose a loved one. Someone is feeling cut-off and alone, like there may be no way out. I feel helpless and the tears cannot be held back. I shed tears filled with love because love is one thing that has not been stopped when the brakes were put on the world as we knew it.

I am posting the link to two songs that I feel offer hope and peace. I send love to you, my fellow readers.

You’re Gonna Be Okay by Brian & Jenn Johnson


Be Still My Soul by Kari Jobe

4 thoughts on “Heartshaped Tears

  1. Meghan Jones says:

    A beautiful piece, Mary and a heart breaking one. We cannot lose ourselves in missing the small stuff, when we have so much. It;s those who have lost loved ones who cannot have a funeral, it’s families crowded in small homes where abuse might be happening, certainly where tempers might flare. It is so much and yet, as you rightly say, there is always love, and that we can share. I also very much enjoyed your two clips. For Be Still My Soul I could find your link but watched Libera’s version. Poignant.

    • mincs1 says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Meghan. The show of support across the country makes me proud to be Canadian. The horrible act of one individual cannot be undone…despite the pain, the true Canadian spirit of kindness and support, rises.

  2. Meghan Jones says:

    You might like to see another song by Josh Groban called You Raise Me Up (official version) on YouTube.

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