Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

20170608_181416(Sagrada Familia dominates Barcelona’s skyline)

Sagrada Familia is a Catholic basilica in Barcelona. Construction began in 1882. In 1883 Antoni Gaudi became involved and made it his life’s passion. It was only one quarter complete when he died in 1926. Construction of the basilica relies solely on donations. It is hoped construction will be complete in 2026 – one hundred years after Gaudi’s death.
Sagrada Familia is unlike any of the churches we have seen on our travels and seems to defy description. Eyes feast on a buffet of sights that soar, colours that shade dark to light as they rise to the heavens, facades that carve Christian messages in their towers. Astonish, amaze, admire – wow!DSC01370
(Gaudi’s tomb in a crypt beneath Sagrada Familia)
DSC01366(west facade)
DSC01346(east facade)


Sights and sounds flow
swiftly by
tumbling me
shaping me
rolling me along the river of life

Radiant sunlight filters through
a canopy of leaves
dappled beams
scattered across my smooth surface
solar energy touching my rocky being
warmth absorbed

Rain drops add to the river
cares and worries pitter patter around me
howling wind and icy hail
roil the waters

Vibrant birds alight
colorful refractions shimmer across my hard surface
a dancing sparkle in the water
They peck
and peck and peck
then fly away
graceful wings growing smaller in the distance

I remain alone

My Visit to Dordrecht, Netherlands

Brug naar de Tijd, Grote Kerk met Zwijndrechtse brug, Dordrecht,
(photo by Frank Peters)

Colorful echoes of the past
collide with bright visions of the future
Slow steady rain drenches ambition and desire
Need for heat and warmth
propels feet forward
Wetness seeps into fabric, into pores
permeates a moment that has been experienced
by many before
Standing below historical buildings with
their antique facades
seems to be the only thing that matters
yet Now was thought to be
equally important one thousand years ago
Determined explorers, rowdy sailors, sly traders, clever merchants
All who passed this way
share Now
it has come and gone and come again
as colorful echoes of the past
collide with bright visions of the future