Trees sway gracefully.
They nod and bend
up and down,
back and forth
to drumming thunder
across a dull sky.
Minuet dancers
bobbing socially
to each other.

Dark green pine
brown cone corsages
lean close
to perky willow
holding tender lush buds.

Wide skirts
of pale poplar branches
as they rise above
excited to reveal
fresh, new
burgeoning leaves.

Wind skips lightly,
hip hopping
amongst the shrubs
to join the fun.

Elegant Mother Earth
blesses the affair
with a sprinkle
of rain
encouraging her
guests to show off
their finery.

Snowy owl watches,
perched on a weatherworn
her feathers only slightly

4 thoughts on “Minuet

  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful words for Earth day!

  2. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    Lovely images. What would we do without those trees to marvel at!

  3. Meghan says:

    Lovely images indeed right through to the snowy owl. I loved this poem and it’s elegant little dance in spite of thunder rumblings!!

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