Burnt Toast

Your reflection
looks me in the eye.
Stainless steel toaster
browning bread,
heats your memory.

I look away,
dark brooding clouds
hide the sunrise,
reflect my mood.

You no longer
move through my days.
We parted ways long ago,
yet here you are
grilling my morning,
warming my cheeks.

Light echoes of our
retreating love
reflect off
a shimmering appliance.

Mistaken Identity?

You dropped by
to say hi
A whisper from my past

Time has a way
of shrouding memories
and yours
has become cloaked
in an opaque veil

I wanted to remember!

Your enthusiasm and
excitement of reuniting
was apparent
I responded with an equally
enthusiastic greeting, I thought,
but something betrayed me

Was it the eyes?
Questioning intonation at the end of hello?

My mind stretched and strained
for something to trigger
a flood of memories

Asked point blank
if I remembered you
I had to humbly admit

the sharp knife of honesty

Although my memory is vague
and it is possible you may be mistaken
I am sorry
I disappointed you