Hockey playoffs resume today.
Red jerseys with flaming black “C”
can be spotted all over town.

There is a buzz in the air
that has nothing to do with spring.
Even pollinating bees take a
break from the flowers to check
what the fuss is all about.

Pubs and restaurants overflow with
tattooed faces, painted nails,
hats, scarves and body suits.
Patrons swarm in team colours
hoping to watch their idols
celebrate victory.

Horns and pom poms are ready
for the first goal.
Pent up enthusiasm waits for
a reason to roar.

Strangers will hug strangers
and high five anyone passing by.
Cheers will continue long
into the night.
Highlights will be relived
over several pints or more.
Quenched fans will dreamily
flop onto beds with crooked
smiles on their faces.


This post was inspired by my brother’s dog. Credit for “love sponge” goes to my wonderful friend, Janet 🙂

Spunky little schnauzer
full of pep and vigor
velvety soft curls
an ebony blanket
comforting souls
looking for solace

Bushy eyebrows
cover deep set dark eyes
but cannot hide
intelligent personality
or playful energy

Spirited miniature love sponge
generous with your affection
quivering enthusiasm
visible in the vibrating wagging
of your stubby tail

Desire to please
supersedes all
passionate devotion
sealed with a dynamic sloppy
muzzled kiss

Mistaken Identity?

You dropped by
to say hi
A whisper from my past

Time has a way
of shrouding memories
and yours
has become cloaked
in an opaque veil

I wanted to remember!

Your enthusiasm and
excitement of reuniting
was apparent
I responded with an equally
enthusiastic greeting, I thought,
but something betrayed me

Was it the eyes?
Questioning intonation at the end of hello?

My mind stretched and strained
for something to trigger
a flood of memories

Asked point blank
if I remembered you
I had to humbly admit

the sharp knife of honesty

Although my memory is vague
and it is possible you may be mistaken
I am sorry
I disappointed you