Sometimes I just have to cry
the emotion sneaks up on me when I
am least expecting it

A happy day
sun shining
so why do I feel so blue?

Somewhere there is a wounded
little girl
not knowing where to turn

I can see her
I can feel her
but I can’t quite reach her

Each time I get close
and open my arms to embrace her
she scurries away
anxious about getting too close

I recognize the look of trepidation
in her large blue eyes
Her mistrust runs deep

With her dishevelled hair
unkempt clothes
her neglect is apparent
My heart aches for her

I want her to know
that people do care
she is not alone
The world can be a beautiful place

I want to keep her warm
her tummy full
her mind challenged

I want to find her
and let her live…

Tonight is going to be
a two bottle night

2 thoughts on “Waif

  1. Karen says:

    Mary, I am really enjoying your poetry. Very heartfelt, great imagery and the topics you choose are a wide variety of human interest and emotions.
    My next comment doesn’t apply to all of your poems but to more than one. I find that there’s either a word or a line or a thought in your poem that just doesn’t fit with the rest. In this one, it’s the last two lines. The rest of the poem doesn’t lead me to believe that you want to drown your blues in alcohol, especially two bottles.

  2. mincs1 says:

    I really appreciate the feedback, Karen. I didn’t realize I was doing that!

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