Rumi’s intense directive to make change in one’s life continues. This poem feels like it carries an assurance, a confidence, that we have everything we need to make this change, within us. All we have to do is slow down, quiet our lives and allow the change to show itself.

Your old life was a frantic running

from silence.

The speechless full moon

comes out now. ~ Rumi

A Quiet Strength

(internet photo – Ricke)

The past several day I’ve had the pleasure of seeing owls when I am out for my walk. Standing in the space of their presence brings me a sense of joy and calm – a moment to forget everything that is happening in the world around me.

A Quiet Strength

Hope is a great-horned owl.
It is yellow eyes 
that harness strength.
It is open eyes 
that face shadows.

Hope allows you to soar
on winds of change
to leave some old habits
and bring something new 
into your life.

Hope settles 
on a tree limb,
listens, looks
for subtle signs,
sees what usually goes
below your radar.

Hope uses the beauty
of night
to inspire creativity.
Little can stop
an owl once it has set
its sights
on "the prize"

Some Fun Facts About Owls

Owls have specialized feathers with fringes of varying softness that help muffle sound when they fly. Their broad wings and light bodies also make them nearly silent fliers; which helps them stalk prey more easily.

An owl has three eyelids; one for blinking, one for sleeping, and one for keeping the eye clean and healthy.



“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

sometimes life seems unfair
where are you going
how will you get there
why is this happening





adjust to the change
answer the challenge
let yourself shine through

no matter what anyone says

A New Day Dawning

Sky slowly changing
ink black to indigo blue
pink blush glow behind skyscraper silhouette
warm breath ache for change

Red light blinks
blink blinks
a beacon guide

Here here

Hear the rumble
metallic hum builds to a CRESCENDO
metal rolling over metal
c-train slides by
dull tuning fork ring left in its wake

Steel grey sky
consort for steely resolve

Be Fierce!

Remain steadfast on path of change

c-train thunders its approval
red light blinks yes
yes yes
you can!

A new day begins