Dawn stretches her colors gracefully
behind an accumulation of grey cloud
rendering a rhythm
to start a new day

Breath of my sleeping husband
joins the diurnal pulse
his chest rising and falling
like gentle waves cresting

Percolating coffee
pfft, pfft, pffts
as it tries to contain
energy within the beans
struggling to maintain tempo
to find a perfect blend

Rain patters on the window
knocking for entry
to escape its own wetness
adding to pattern flow
already set in motion

Windshield wipers wiping
kind of like singing off key
their meter gasping disappointment
at the incessant downpour

The day’s cadence quickens
acquiring a staccato feel
stop and go cars
interrupting honks

The surge in percussion
throbs in my temples
requiring an end of the day sip of wine
a sunset beat slowing things down
to match dawn’s graceful rhythm

Spontaneous Aria

finca-draculas-beautiful-gardens-cerro-puntaThe photo is from the Beautiful Garden website. It is where I imagine the birdsong I heard would originate 🙂

(This post is dedicated to my dear friend Betty)

Today when I was out for a run
I wished you were there
to inform and enlighten me
as to which of our feathered friends originated
the alluring melody I heard

I thought you would know it in an instant!
My knowledge of birds is so limited
I can recognize the haunting call of a loon
at dusk or dawn
I know the repetitive chick-a-dee-dee-dee

This afternoon I was an uninvited witness
to a bewitching love warble
no bird was seen
not even the fleetest glimpse of plumage

When the achingly enthralling song began
city din was drowned out
no strolling pedestrian chatter
no traffic hum or passing train roar

The musical tenor was so pure
I was transported through time
to an era of innocence, enveloped by love

My breath caught
my heart was pierced by the sheer elegance of the cadence
I strained to hear more
but was left disappointed

I would have to settle for the brief solo performance
No encore was forthcoming