Clandestine Visitor

Light patter of feet
upon bare floor
spring rain gently tapping on glass

Little person unable to sleep
attempts stealthy reprieve from night time ritual
creeps toward lamplight

Open book lies on blanketed lap
words on yellowed pages invisible
disinterest feigned in clandestine visitor
silently daring next move

The child darts from shadow to shadow
a staccato movement
stops and starts

Her position freezes
as I clear my throat
fetching a giggle

she anticipates discovery

With the willpower of Hercules
I do not look her way


Until just the right moment to
my arms out
to grab her

Squeals of delight elicited
as we tumble
into a laughing heap



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The shadow of the Crone
tainted my day
Her cloak trailed
reluctantly behind her
as she slowly crossed my path,
full of compassion
for those the shadow would touch

Messages of death
in their haste to be announced first

I eyed the hag warily
ugly messenger delivering ugly messages
but she continued on her way
to the turmoil
her news brought to my life

We enter the world knowing
we must leave one day
but somehow in our pursuit of life
this knowledge is lost
we approach return passage
with trepidation
or fear

One of the calls
announced the departure
of my Godmother
not a fairy like Cinderella’s
but a beautiful woman who
wove magic
into memories
especially from my childhood

“Tonnie” was another graceful soul
in my life for the briefest moment
a treasured friend and cousin
of my mother in law
When we met
it was as though I belonged no where else

I feel fortunate to have known them
for this brief time

Their sudden entry and exit from my world
leaves me reeling
wondering about the ways of the netherworld
what deals have been made
and are exacted when we least expect
Crone recalling what was once hers
hag doing her dirty work

Life is truly
“the blink of an eye”