Cupid treads lightly
blending in among people.

No cherub cheeks and angel wings
for this god.

His slender build and youthful swagger,
emanate confidence.

Warned by Venus not to shoot his love arrows
his pride insists on moderation.

Teens are seen holding hands,
eyeing each other.
Wrapped in flighty arms of youthful desire.

Couples rendezvous,
inflamed hearts oblivious to their surroundings.
He smiles knowingly.

He sees harried mothers toting hollering tots,
haggard fathers lugging heavy brief cases.

He scans politicians, preachers,
homeless, and actors.

Cupid continues his search.
Waiting for the perfect specimen to sting
with his magical love bite,
wanting to make
his mother proud.


What happened?
Did you decide that I
am not worth knowing anymore?
Thought processes
going through your mind
in the conclusion
“she is not worth it”?

what does it mean
to be worthy?

Someone worthy commands
or is held
in high regard
considered desirable
the relationship valuable
worth saving

An incidence once
stopped me in my tracks
I was advised
“Demand respect
Make him listen”
How is that possible?

I have fallen
short of perfection
My pedestal broken
My tiara cracked

the truth is
I was never perfect
I’m sad that
inefficiencies and flaws
have driven you away.

Funny thing is
I do not want to go away
disappear from your life
I am not willing
to skulk to a corner
feel sorry for myself

I do not accept
your version
of who I am

I don’t really know
who you think I am
Would you be able
to answer that?

The road hasn’t been easy
I almost capitulated
to your angry image
almost surrendered
my precious soul

I know I cannot
demand respect
or love
or a relationship
I cannot
anything at all

I stand before you
warts and all
for your eyes to open
because I feel
I am worth it