Inner Magic

Magical space
buried deep under layers of
growing up and becoming an adult

Elves and fairies
pixie dust and flying
golden glitter turning shades of blue, purple or green

Land of make believe
land of nod
hidden but not gone

Imaginary friends
placed on a shelf
wrapped in memories
set aside
not cast away

Dragons and unicorns
precious moments
bound by social rules
had to be tucked away

Bizarre, peculiar, outlandish, outré
to make room for reality

But magic seeps up
in unusual ways
beautiful melodies
twinkle of an eye
curious observations
outrageous hair

Weird, zany, unconventional, strange
magic may be buried
but it is still there

Mother Earth’s Frequency

Mother earth’s frequency
heartbeat of a drum

awaken soul memories
using ancient tradition

recall earlier time
simplicity of beliefs

every living being carries a song within
use the drums to release

magical musical melodies
consecrate sacred space

musical ritual
protect peaceful place


song of reverence
shake, rattle, drum

Mother earth’s frequency
da – dum
da – dum
da – dum

Pied Piper


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(This post was inspired after hearing Lemon Bucket Orkestra from Toronto, Canada. A lively, high energy performance!)

Pied Piper leads
rollicking fast paced musical experience
Overworked feet stomp
weary hands clap
day to day life is forgotten

Tambourine jangles
keeping pace with piper
violin sends notes screaming
squealing into the frenzy
People jump up and dance
unable to resist whirling dervish notes

European melodies
Accordion tunes
soulful immigrant history
lead frolicking party

Multicultural fusion of folk song
touch visceral chord
reach in and draw out inherent rhythms

Hips sway, bodies twist
primal encounter
children and adults
young and old
are infused with instinct
for emotional expression
no one can remain still

In presence of piper
people become sea of motion
arms legs akimbo

Piper tells stories without words
there is an urgency
come now
dance now
now, now, it must be NOW
Music builds to a crescendo
Nothing matters
but NOW
This Moment!