Pied Piper


(image credit: jacksonopolisis.com)

(This post was inspired after hearing Lemon Bucket Orkestra from Toronto, Canada. A lively, high energy performance!)

Pied Piper leads
rollicking fast paced musical experience
Overworked feet stomp
weary hands clap
day to day life is forgotten

Tambourine jangles
keeping pace with piper
violin sends notes screaming
squealing into the frenzy
People jump up and dance
unable to resist whirling dervish notes

European melodies
Accordion tunes
soulful immigrant history
lead frolicking party

Multicultural fusion of folk song
touch visceral chord
reach in and draw out inherent rhythms

Hips sway, bodies twist
primal encounter
children and adults
young and old
are infused with instinct
for emotional expression
no one can remain still

In presence of piper
people become sea of motion
arms legs akimbo

Piper tells stories without words
there is an urgency
come now
dance now
now, now, it must be NOW
Music builds to a crescendo
Nothing matters
but NOW
This Moment!

One thought on “Pied Piper

  1. Meghan says:

    Wow! Love how you have created the sense of energy and the fast paced music. The images are beautifully tribal and joyful!

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