Infinite Possibility

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I awaken to a world of white.
Enveloped in a blank expanse.

A virgin future stares untouched before me.
A spotless past lay behind me,
no hint of transgressions of my ancestors visible.
No trace of the path I have taken to get here
can be seen.

I am
where there is no beginning and no end.
I am.

Energy hovers and buzzes around me
like hummingbirds darting for nectar
amid the hearts of flowers.
I am
in this weightless, buoyant atmosphere.

Crisp innocence,
raw purity,
emanate from within this vast whiteness.

An undefined fresh start,
full of contained excitement,
moves slowly through pearly air.

A helium balloon of potential drifts lazily,
waits for its attached strings to be caught
and creativity ignited.
A stark canvas
awaits the first stroke of freedom.