Infinite Possibility

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I awaken to a world of white.
Enveloped in a blank expanse.

A virgin future stares untouched before me.
A spotless past lay behind me,
no hint of transgressions of my ancestors visible.
No trace of the path I have taken to get here
can be seen.

I am
where there is no beginning and no end.
I am.

Energy hovers and buzzes around me
like hummingbirds darting for nectar
amid the hearts of flowers.
I am
in this weightless, buoyant atmosphere.

Crisp innocence,
raw purity,
emanate from within this vast whiteness.

An undefined fresh start,
full of contained excitement,
moves slowly through pearly air.

A helium balloon of potential drifts lazily,
waits for its attached strings to be caught
and creativity ignited.
A stark canvas
awaits the first stroke of freedom.

2 thoughts on “Infinite Possibility

  1. Strong finish! Loved it.

  2. Meghan says:

    I really loved this poem. I was caught for a moment in that blank expanse and it was both full of promise and full of the unknown. It hit me in the gut. Nice writing! The last two stanzas give it, as David observes, a strong finish. One thing snagged my attention: I feel as though the hummingbird images were full of colour amidst your blank expanse. For me that line really shifted the writing in the middle of your poem. I am not sure I have a suggestion. I do like you wanting to include the energy in this expanse. Overall, it is a very good poem!

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