Spring? Skiing

With spring reluctant to arrive we decided to enjoy abundant snow at Fernie, BC. A cornice on the mountaintop behind me looked very much like a huge, dollop of whipped cream or a gigantic white chocolate Hershey kiss 🙂
Snow conditions were great for skiing. What a fun way to spend time with friends!

Hiking in the Dolomites

We started our via Ferrara tour in Valli del Pasubio. It was a gentle introduction to Ferrata but with temperatures continuing to be in the 30’s C we felt like we were hiking in a sauna. This Valley, as in many areas of the Dolomites, is full of reminders of the fighting that occurred between the Italians and Austrians during World War One. Each spring when the snow melts and the talus shifts, bones rise to the surface of the slopes. An Ossuary has been built to honour the remains of these unknown soldiers.

Royal Duty


(internet photo)
Queen of hearts peeks from behind knave of clubs
into a sea of grey and white heads bobbing
throughout the room.
Eyes are downcast in devotion to the royal court
fanned out before the lords and ladies,
and peasants, too.
Quiet devotion is interrupted by muted coughs or
the occasional chair scraping the floor.
The snap of cards
hitting the table salute allegiance to powerful
houses of kings. Any deviation from
ruling principles
results in immediate penalty. Festivities continue
until the last of the regal families
have exited behind
closed doors. A lucky few go away smiling as they
carry grand gifts bestowed upon them.
The rest return
home dreaming that next time a grandiose touch
of sovereignty will be in the cards
for them.


Golden Glow

Laughter bursts above
clinking cutlery and
toasting glasses.

There is a buzz in the air.

Friends reminisce
with pleasure, the hours
they just spent together
as the sun drops along
the horizon, turning the
golf course a golden green
in light that entices fairies
to come out and dance.

As stories grow,
merriment increases and
new memories are made.

Beer suds mustaches
and rum twinkling eyes
reflect a zest for life
of friends enjoying time
together, even if it meant
chasing a little white ball
for miles on a sunny