Golden Glow

Laughter bursts above
clinking cutlery and
toasting glasses.

There is a buzz in the air.

Friends reminisce
with pleasure, the hours
they just spent together
as the sun drops along
the horizon, turning the
golf course a golden green
in light that entices fairies
to come out and dance.

As stories grow,
merriment increases and
new memories are made.

Beer suds mustaches
and rum twinkling eyes
reflect a zest for life
of friends enjoying time
together, even if it meant
chasing a little white ball
for miles on a sunny

3 thoughts on “Golden Glow

  1. I “Feel” the warmth of “friendship” here….wonderful

  2. Meghan says:

    David is right, your poem exudes that shared friendship buzz. I must admit though I had to laugh at your ending! Chasing a little white ball for miles….Oh, the things we do for merriment and pleasure!

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