And Then It Rained


(internet photos)

(This post was inspired by the incredible, fierce storms that have been striking Calgary this summer.  The hail yesterday and today caused widespread flooding and damage.)

Purple and black,
bruised clouds
scud over the city.

they throw a tantrum,
hurling hail.

Nothing held back.

The dam is burst,
waters unleashed.
The dark nebulae
kick and spin,
stomp and roll.

Trees julienne, leaves shred,
sidewalks become a smorgasbord,
greens on ice.

August warped winter wonderland.

Chin held up in defiance,
the churlish horde moves on,
anger simmering.

Tossed salad neighbourhoods
left in their wake.




Sights and sounds flow
swiftly by
tumbling me
shaping me
rolling me along the river of life

Radiant sunlight filters through
a canopy of leaves
dappled beams
scattered across my smooth surface
solar energy touching my rocky being
warmth absorbed

Rain drops add to the river
cares and worries pitter patter around me
howling wind and icy hail
roil the waters

Vibrant birds alight
colorful refractions shimmer across my hard surface
a dancing sparkle in the water
They peck
and peck and peck
then fly away
graceful wings growing smaller in the distance

I remain alone