In a Funk

Today is a melancholy day
Last night ‘lack of confidence’ arrived
along with her companion ‘cynicism’
followed closely by ‘sadness’ and ‘depression’
It’s a crowd
my soul balks at their presence

Rose colored glasses were trampled in haste
as these visitors clambered to enter my day
before my eyes were fully awake

An opaque shroud of blurred vision
with a fearful tinge of imagined obstacles
was left behind
the ‘Bogey man’ under the bed
who rode in on the coattails of these intruders

Misty grey skies
echo my somber mood

I have invited rest
to keep me company
as I hope sleep will escort
these uninvited callers elsewhere
while my eyes are closed

3 thoughts on “In a Funk

  1. Meghan says:

    Oh! Your poem gives me goosebumps, Mary! So many wonderful and familiar images to describe your feelings. “It’s a crowd…my soul balks at their presence” – beautifully put!!

    For the second stanza, which seems good but a trifle incomplete, what about: “Rose coloured glasses were trampled in haste as these visitors clambered through the night to enter my day”??

    I am just playing here; haven’t given my suggestion a lot of time to simmer on the stove, as it were! I guess it is the word “clambered”, which I like in the spirit of your poem but which seems to need a finishing note, such as clambered into/through/up. Forgive me but the grammatical terms escape me at the moment!

    I really like your last stanza, Mary. After being so crowded by strong feelings, the notion of sleep and your request that these unwanted guests leave while your eyes are closed is simply beautiful and itself restful.

  2. mincs1 says:

    I took your comments to heart and did an edit. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Meghan!!

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