Inner City Street Kids

inner city street kids
who are you
inner city street kids
what do you do

where did you come from
where is your home
what do you do at night
where do you roam

who wrote you off
what happened to your dreams
was it one decision or two
to create a life as hard as yours seems

urban urchin
dweller of the slums
mischievous and raggedly
trusting no one

invisible to many
no place to live
falling through the cracks
like water through a sieve

there is a danger of getting lost
of descending deep into nowhere
second chances come
listen, they are there

life can be hard
but remember it’s precious and purposeful
fight your way back
in any way workable

show yourself
regardless of the obstacles
fight for what is worthy
to be more powerful

in a world made more beautiful
what would you desire most
what would ignite your passion
make you boast

inner city street kids
full of erratic emotion
inner city street kids
causing commotion

who are you
from where did you come
such beautiful souls
neglected, on the run

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