Let Go

Let go; Let Go!

Today all I can see and hear are signs to let go

Songs plead

Magazines state

Newspapers admonish

and I want to yell back at all of them, “How the *@#* am I to let go if I don’t know what it is

I am holding on to!”


I’m holding on to a dream, a fairy tale

holding on by a thread

to what could have been

what should have been

not wanting to face what is


Children are a beautiful gift and because we bear them

and rear them, over time we become possessive and think they are ours


When choices are made that are unexpected

that we don’t like

that burn just thinking about them

It’s easier to hold on to the dream rather than let go


Let go and let them fall

Let go and let them fail

Let go and allow growth and healing…

Let go and soar

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