Springtime Ritual

The line of SUVs, trucks and cars snake around the building in front of me
Although the calendar declared spring several weeks ago with today’s car wash it has officially arrived

The ritual begins
dirty, salt encrusted vehicles slowly creep toward wash bays
I imagine my car as human trembling with excitement like a three year old child

With the clink of a toonie in the slot
the wand vibrates in my hand and I feel power of the water surge, straining to be released

Dirt and grime weave a soapy path to the drain
Strangely I am reminded of my dog taking a refreshing dip in the river on a hot day and I giggle as I envision my little Audi shaking off the excess car wash water

With left hand I apply wax, right hand buffs the exterior to a high gloss sheen
The detritus of winter has been removed
Atonement achieved for the travails of winter
The ritual complete

My car proudly glistens and gleams
reflecting sunshine; momentarily blinding
A beauty to be admired
until I drive through the first puddle

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