Ode toTroy

On Tuesday my youngest son celebrated his 25th birthday. The family started celebrating this milestone on Sunday but Troy and his buddies got a head start on Saturday night. Clearly a quarter century is wonderful reason to party!

This is my son, I want to shout out loud
My third born, my baby, you makes me so proud

You’re a fighter, you showed it right from the start
While just bean size within me you touched my heart

Athletic, intelligent, funny and kind with a witty type of flair
When I’m in your presence I don’t have another care

I’m happy and pleased as any mother would be
that I was given you as a son to oversee

As I watch your life unfold I am filled with so much love for you
I wish you continued life’s blessings in all you do

Happy 25th Birthday! Here’s to many more!
Happy Birthday dear Troy, may you have all you wish for!V0013

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