Confection Connection

Innocent beginning
ice cream and lollipops
sticky confections
melted hearts and hands together
Legitimate purchases
to calm an angry mood
or cheer a sad heart

Lines began to blur
with requests coming more often
Willing participants
unwilling to say no

A shift began to occur
as the needs grew greater
sweet toffee
meant to soothe
became tacky
pulling down

Something to get by
just this once
turned into another
and another

emotions hollow
deeply saddened
instead of uplifted

Relationship disintegrated
right before eyes
cotton candy decomposed
with teardrops of disbelief

Craving connection
a time to share and bond
but all the sweetness
decayed a delicate cord
The link
connecting two hearts


there is an insatiable pit
clamors for more
hovers on edge of living
crater ready to open wide
into yawning emptiness
like a gruesome accident
attention cannot be turned away
head swivels
must look
irresistibly drawn to hollow trench

this dark, black hole
all in its path
anything that draws
near the edge
into inky abyss