Tangled Web

Writing Prompt: “What a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive”

What a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive

Strands are sticky, catch us too
as we lie and fib, try to keep our cool

Words join, twist, form a pattern
circle round and round like rings of Saturn

Spectacular stories, pieces of comet
shattered moons revolve in atomic vomit

The plan was meant to smooth our way
but astral debris hinders plot to betray

Fabrications develop, along with suspicion
hurdles rise from others to thwart our mission

The coiling labyrinth takes on a life of its own
we can’t speak with others, can’t even use our phones

Because untruths told have grown and grown
our original purpose has become unknown

We are drawn into a deep black hole
a point of no return from our deceptive role


Today’s post was inspired by the current media discussion of violence against women following allegations against former CBC broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi. A question I saw earlier today asked, “How many women must speak out to equal the voice of one man?”

The room is dark
suffocating dark
Panic inducing lack of light despite sunny skies
autumn colors outdoors

It is a race to that safe place
before the spark is completely snuffed
before the dark becomes
overtaking all

A tiny haven awaits
sanctuary of sacred flame
buried deep within
pathway hidden

Alarm signals shrieking!
All senses on high alert!
Survival systems kick into high gear
“Do not let the flame be doused. Hold on to the light
at all costs”

Watching events unfold
as from a distance

Trust is broken
cleaved into pieces by a
swift action
Shards vibrating
Why is this happening?
How can this be happening?



It has stopped

Darkness is all around

Blinded by emotion

It has stopped

But the journey
to recapture the flame
has just begun
It is buried deep

A silent tear escapes