I am here.
Where I sit.
Bent knees folded under
ebony wood desk.
Harsh computer screen light
insists on my attention.

My mind drifts
to a place of gentle beauty, warmth and water.
Lapping waves caress sandy beaches.
Balmy sun rays touch all with a golden
Midas touch.

I am here.
Keyboard letters waiting to be tapped,
bills to be paid,
calendar to be adjusted.

My mind wanders.
Here I sit
but there I go.

An eagles vision of all below,
soaring over mountaintops,
gliding above wide open plains,
blank pages before me,
ivory sheets upon my desk.

Here I sit.
I am here.

My spirit roams,
walls and windows pose no threat,
no barrier to this wandering mind.
The world awaits,
a vast outdoors
waiting to be explored.

Here I sit.
Shoulders in knots, fingers kinked,
but there I go.

Lost in thought.
Lost in the beauty of a dragonfly wing;
a wispy orange cloud tinged with the sun
dipping down in the west holds me,
holds on to day because this moment nears –
nears rest.
Where east and west come together.
No beginning.
No end.
The earth revolving,
And there is so much
to see
to explore.

Yet here I am.

My mind is out the door.

I am here
seated too long.

I am here.

But my spirit
is long gone.

5 thoughts on “Here

  1. Meghan says:

    Beautifully put, Mary! I love your refrain for showing us where you really are even if your body simply sits in the computer chair. Your spirit soaring a the eagle soars…you sound like you were on a vision quest. I love this poem! And more, I can relate to your experience!

  2. Meghan says:

    Yes, it is fun yet I am also a shade intimidated for your writing has matured, expanded, and gained grace and depth over the year. I ought to have made a similar goal!

  3. mincs1 says:

    You have shared this journey with me Meghan and I don’t think you realize the huge contribution you have made to giving me confidence to continue. Thank-you so much for that!!

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