At first glance
I see unfinished business
I want to change it
meet my idea of esthetics and beauty

A barren surface
appears raw, exposed
craggy granite is dusty and open
it makes me uncomfortable
I want to cover it up with
colorful flowers
pretty petals
make it look lovely
hide the earthy escarpment

Slowly I take time
to really look
really see what is before me

I notice the cacti are not as prickly as they seem
I see unique beauty
they belong in the scene
they must not be ripped out

lover of shadows
of shade
shies away from bright light
it belongs
With tenderness and care
its place in the rock garden
can be assured too

Bits of color
are dots throughout the stone
some peek out from the margins of the rocks
some create a subtle seam along a ridge
a kiss of gentleness amongst the hard surfaces
a promise of delight

One great rock
is surrounded by many smaller ones
a flow of gravel defines the space
supports the giant in the middle
that punctuates the surface with its presence

I am humbled by the gentle beauty
I had thought to be unfinished business
no flamboyant colors
or exotic flowers
an understated blending of non-descript items
that together
as a whole are quite striking
just as it is

3 thoughts on “Landscaping

  1. Meghan says:

    Linda and I were out for a walk today and we both were noticing the small details of grasses, seed heads, the unexpected brightness of tiny yellow potentilla blooms along with caragana catkins, and more. We marveled at it all, delighting in each discovery while noting how many others do not look closely at the minutiae of Mother Nature. So, of course, I love this poem of yours!!

  2. mincs1 says:

    Thank-you for your beautiful description of your experience. And thank-you for your kind praise.

    • Meghan says:

      You are very welcome! I enjoyed your poem for another reason, too. At the beginning we can see that you the poet are ready to change the garden but then as you begin to really look closely at what is growing in its wild abandon you see and marvel at a different kind of beauty. I believe this is what poetry is all about – helping the reader see with fresh eyes! šŸ™‚

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