Searching for Joy


Can you help me?
I have lost something valuable
precious to me
I’m looking for something
that makes me laugh
feel happy
but more than that

something to add
a lightness to my day
a skip to my step
I am looking for something
to put a smile on my lips
and a grin on my heart

I am looking for something
that will let me see the world
through eyes of wonder
to offer gratitude for the grace
and beauty that surround me
to see beyond hurt pain
misery that can surface in life

I am looking to mend a chink in my armor
to add laughter to my arsenal
a key ingredient
an effervescent effusive
bubbling expression of deep joy
that cannot remain contained
sending contagious vibrations
instantly recognizable by others

I have lost something valuable
precious to me
Can you help?

7 thoughts on “Searching for Joy

  1. I love this! You have creatively expressed the quest! Those who search will find, I search again and again as this thing called joy can be quite elisive! Here’s a link of someone I know who is all about it:

  2. mincs1 says:

    Thanks Joan 🙂
    And thank you for the link!

  3. It is in your own backyard. Grow where you are planted.

    • mincs1 says:

      I do believe joy has to be found or brought to the surface from within oneself and the circumstances one finds they are in. But I also believe that joy may be coaxed out of hiding with the guidance of others. We can learn from the experience of others; perhaps through their writing! Perhaps through conversation. Perhaps through professional services. Although the quest is unique to each individual, we do not have to journey alone.

    • Meghan says:

      It has been many years since I have heard the phrase, “Grow where you are planted.” Thank you, English Professor for this reminder!

  4. Meghan says:

    Mary, I liked this poem for its sense of a quest for something priceless, perhaps not unlike the quest for the Holy Grail? I do not mean to be irreverent; just acknowledging the importance of your quest. I am struck by your mention of armour and arsenal amidst “effervescent effusive bubbling expression of deep joy that cannot remain contained..” and yet I think I understand. Laughter and joy will hopefully be part of our inner soul, not merely the armour we wear. What do you think?

  5. mincs1 says:

    I think the link in my mind of mentioning armor and arsenal with deep joy is that our inner spirit needs protection; we cannot take it for granted. I believe we have to cultivate joy in our lives no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in (just as English Professor has stated) and with that cultivation some fierce protection may be necessary.

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